Los Angeles Jewish - Muslim 
Dialogue on Human Rights

The Finding Our Common Humanity dialogue between Jews and Muslims in Los Angeles has been sponsored by the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics located in Malibu.  The extraordinary results of the dialogue are now in.


The dialogue will begin on Monday March 28 and continue for five rounds until mid-May, followed by a face to face meeting on Sunday May 22 at the Islamic Center of Southern California on Vermont near downtown L.A.  The participants and other persons interested in the dialogue will discuss the dialogue, followed by a guided discussion of Jewish/Muslim sacred texts. See the May 22 Flyer.


Register here now.  You must have a preassigned registration password to sign up.  If you do not have a registration card, please contact one of the dialogue leaders and they will be happy to send you one. 

More Info

The printed invitation letter and the working paper for the dialogue, which includes a writeup of the vision behind it are worth a look and all participants are expected to read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a basis for the discussion. 

Links of interest for the Jewish - Muslim Dialoguers.

Participation is easy with step by step instructions as we go, but some people may want to know exactly how it is going to work.  Dialogue details are available here for those who want to know. 

For any questions, please contact our dialogue coordinator, Roger Eaton, at rogereaton@earthlink.net and mention the dialogue in your subject line or phone 310 390 5220.  Your queries are welcome.

last changed May 22, 2005