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Peace Walk Unites Los Angeles Area Residents in Survival of the Kindest

September, 2015

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LOS ANGELES, CA – “Survival of the fittest” assumedly wins the individual battle, but “survival of the kindest” may replace the theory of who wins – through uniting, not dividing.  Unity and compassion are at the forefront of the second annual Peace Walk slated to take place September 20, 2015.   Community members from across Los Angeles and bordering communities will start at the Veterans Park in Granada Hills to begin a one-mile journey together  – celebrating peace, and one another, through unity -- in a month that honors both the 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance and the International Day of Peace. Individuals of all ages, denominations, ethnicities, genders, orientations, communities – or any factor that may typically differentiate individuals -- are gathering to walk as one, in the Second Annual Granada Hills Peace Walk.  On Sunday, September 20, an approximate one-mile walk will provide a path for the journey of unification in celebration of peace and compassion.  Only one requirement exists:  The desire to celebrate peace and unite with others who wish to share in the globally unifying freedom of peace.  The Granada Hills Peace Walk is all-inclusive, with children welcomed.  Leashed pets may also participate.  The event welcomes residents from all surrounding communities and cities including Los Angeles and surrounding counties.Shannon Simone Miller and RWIE  are proud to announce that this year’s Peace Walk has been awarded grant through “The Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest” program.  The Compassion Games supports creativity, and those igniting and catalyzing compassionate action at a local level, spanning communities across the world.  Financial awards help aid those who have discovered new or creative ways to care for themselves, one other, and the Earth.The Compassion Games open September 11, marking the 9/11 day of remembrance, and close September 21, in honor of the annual International Day of Peace.  The Granada Hills Peace Walk takes place Sunday, September 20, 2015 -- on the 9th day of the “Survival of the Kindest” battle – the walk starting at 12 p.m. and beginning at the Granada Hills Veterans Park, located at the intersection of Chatsworth Street and Zelzah Avenue (10682-10698 block of Zelzah Avenue) in Granada Hills, CA.  In the Compassion Games, competition becomes “co-opetition”:  Humans challenge one another to in making our planet a better place, through working together.  Teams battle it out, through acts of kindness.  Acts of kindness are plotted on a “Compassion Report Map” over the event’s 10-day span – to elevate the impact of compassionate actions, results, and share personal reflections on the experience. The Compassion Games grants $15,000 as a sub-grantee from Service for Peace, in its challenge to create charitable acts, in helping spark individuals to “be an agent of compassion” within communities through creative efforts of teamwork.  Financial grants are awarded to help foster and perpetuate community members to “live life in a way that leads to healing and compassionate involvement.” 150 teams participate in the 2015 Survival of the Kindest challenge, 26 from California, inclusive of the second annual Granada Hills Peace Walk organized by Miller.Shannon Simone Miller is an expert in strategic life and business coaching with focus on passion, compassion and individual fulfillment and respectively serves as CTO of The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics. (www.shannonmiller.me)The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics is a non-profit committed to promotion of a culture of peace and foundational values of equality, justice, love, compassion, and mutual respect. (www.raoulwallenberginstitute.org)Compassion Games International is a strategic partner of Service For Peace (SFP) with the support of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). CNCS is responsible for the September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance.  SFP is one of CNCS’s five lead agencies supporting the 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance. (www.compassiongames.org) Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest is a non-profit that inspires compassionate action through a win-win challenge to lift kindness and altruism in our community and world including activating compassion within communities, classrooms, organizations, businesses and individuals. (www.compassiongames.org/the-annual-games)Service for Peace is a non-profit dedicated to ongoing community development programs helping further individuals and community growth through shared experience of volunteers service. (www.serviceforpeace.com)The Corporation for National and Community Service is a federal agency helping more than 5 million Americans improve lives of fellow citizens through service. (www.nationalservice.gov)###Contact:The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of EthicsWebsite: ( http://raoulwallenberginstitute.org/) Shannon Simone MillerE-Mail: totemmediagroup[at] gmail [dot] comTel: 424-248-9168

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